Quick Guide on Using SAV25 Data Systems Helpdesk Portal

Welcome to SAV25 Data Systems Helpdesk Portal.  SAV25 Data Systems Helpdesk Portal is establish in order to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. Issues regarding sales and technical will be addressed by team SAV25 by the method of sending tickets coming from our customers and potential customers .

In order for you to send us a ticket, here's a quick guide on how to use SAV25 Data Systems Helpdesk Portal platform.


Step 1.  Go to support.sav25.com in order to access SAV25 Data Systems Helpdesk Portal. This will prompt you our portal page. Click "Submit a ticket".

Step 2. After clicking "Submit a ticket" our portal will ask you on what category your issue will fall. Please choose between Technical or Sales category.

Step 3. After choosing a category, it will re-direct you to a form page wherein you need to fill-up necessary information regarding the issue you want to address. Click "Submit Ticket" button after filling up.

Step 4.  After submitting a ticket, our platform will inform you about the details of the ticket you've submitted especially the Ticket Tracking ID. Please NOTE that you need to take down the Ticket Tracking ID in order to track your ticket. You can also check the status or your ticket right away by clicking the "View your Ticket" button.


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